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hello kitty

Crafty lil grrl

Posted on 2006.06.09 at 23:24
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Well, welcome to my crafty journal. I decided since a lot of my posts were about my crafting that I would make a journal that was all about my FO's, WIP's, woes, tips and all the stuff I want to remember as well as share with other fellow crocheters.

I may pick up a new craft or two, I'm going to try to learn to knit and I'm thinking of sewing again. I have all these fabrics that mini-me doesn't want to throw away, but they are just sitting in a pile waiting to be made over. I like the idea of re-using things into something that we would use again. I guess that is one of the huge thrills about being crafty -- recycle, reusing and renewing stuff that would normally get recycled or just throw out into cool stuff that we love to use again, as well as being creative, artistic and using one's imagination. I realized that crocheting can fill that hole that was creating in my mind when I realized that I can't draw and I have all these wonderful things stuck in my head that I could only imagine.

My latest FO is Skully. It is a felted black bag with a cross-skull on it. I got the idea looking at Helloyarn.com's knitted felted mini skull tote, thinking I'd love to make one of those but I don't knit. Trust me, really I have tried; however I haven't mastered the zen of knitting yet. So I found a felted bag pattern got the basic idea and when from there. Once I find my card reader I'll post pics of Skully.

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