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My variation of the one skein scarf from The Happy Hooker

Posted on 2006.06.26 at 12:27
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I didn't want to make this scarf with only one colour, so I combined Patons' Decor in dark olive and aran to create this warm scarf from one of my favourite girls fredericks, who will be able to wear this in the autumn and hopefully the cold winter that New York throws her way. Since I know she has little time on her hands to be washing everything by hand being in nursing school and such I went with Patons' Decor which is 75% acrylic and 25% wool, so she can toss it in the washer in cold and then hang dry it. Once I open this post to you Ms. fredericks you better pay attention to the washing instruction!! Lol, I like to think that the dark olive is more of a lovely mossy colour because as a crocheted this scarf it yelled out that it was more moss than olive. The pattern for this pretty scarf can be found in Debbie Stroller's Happy Hooker book and I added a few different touches like the shells are the cc colour of aran instead of using the mc all the way through and using the mc along the edges in a single crochet to give the shells that extra touch it needed. Mini-me and I wanted to keep this one, but I promised it to fredericks and to avoid temptation I'm shipping it out today in the mail. I'm also going to work up another one of these but using the mc and cc in reverse because I have more aran left over then the moss (aka Patons' dark olive) This scarf takes no time to whip up and it very cute.

Mini-me modelling the oozen_hookerooone skein scarf

Look out Top Model here comes Mini-me trying out her new pose that she learned from watching your show</lj>


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