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GRRR Buttercup

My verision of a crocheted skull and cross-bones tote that I call affectionately called Skully

Posted on 2006.06.10 at 22:21
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I posted this to a few crochet sites I belong to and decided to post it here because I finally got the pictures to post. So here's my cross-bones and skull tote bag
So I have been envying the cute felted skull and cross-bones tote bag on Hello Yarn that is linked on punk_knitters. I decided to try to make a crocheted verision. For the bag I used Deneen's "Marvelous" Mini Tote Bag as a pattern reference for the bag and the chart from the mini skull tote on Hello Yarn. And this is my result
Before felting

After felting

As you can see my skull is a little crooked I guess that's what happens when you follow a knit chart? I like how this turned out and it was my first try, so I'm gonna try this again and work out the kinks


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oozen_hookeroo at 2006-06-11 18:27 (UTC) (Link)
thank darlin' I still wondering if I should felt it some more I can still see the stitches a bit. I'm going to have to pick up some Paton's merino wool, I've been told that felts wonderfully for the next one. I'm making one for mini-me and she wants a purple bag with a yellow or pink skull.
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