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hello kitty

Links and new almost WIP

Posted on 2006.06.11 at 14:09
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Hey check it out it's a crochet fanatic free pattern links. It is jam packed with patterns and it maikes it easy to browse what you are looking for. Enjoy

Wow there is now a pod cast for crocheters, rock on. you don't even need to have itunes or an ipod just listen directly from Jeanie's site.

Ever wondered what to get the crafty knitter or crocheter for a present that was craft related but they could show off but didn't have to make. Check out these awesome t's.

I like freeforming so much that I think I'm going to crochet freeformed water bottle carrying thingie. I want to put on Hello Kitty's face. Wish me luck! :-]


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oozen_hookeroo at 2006-06-12 21:01 (UTC) (Link)

<3 Hello Kitty

So far so good, I did chart a pic of the Hello Kitty face I wanted to crochet though. Is that a form of freeform cheating?? Well I'm going to grab a bite then post some yarn porn pics and the progress of the water bottle carrier once I'm done.
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