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hello kitty

No longer M.I.A.

Posted on 2008.02.06 at 10:35
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Ever wonder what happened to me?? Well I switched to Blogspot, learned to knit and now my new knit/crochet blog is here. Come visit and say hi!

hello kitty

UFO's lying all around...

Posted on 2006.09.17 at 20:32
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I have lots of UFO (unfinished objects) lying around and here's one of them that I currently working on. It's a great warm cabled toque (winter hat for those of you out there who aren't Canadian). It's crocheted in a round and alternated back post and front post stitches to create a cabled fabric.

The pattern can be found here.
Warning it is an intermediate pattern, I frogged it at least 5 times before I got the hang of it. This hat is RH worsted weight acyclic in safari and I'm making it for mini-me (she picked out the yarn!).

I'm also working on the spider shrug, Crochetme's Crystal Lace Bolero (I'm stuck at the final construction of the front, neck and sleeves -- my brain is not computing with the instructions that I see online and on paper argggg -- and Skullholders from Stitch n' Bitch Happy Hooker book.

I got my order of Sweaterbabe.com's book from Indigo/Chapters last week and I'm loving the patterns! It's called Fabulous Flirty Crochet and the book has a great bendy cover with a spiral paged inside to make it easy to actually crochet and uste the patterns at the same time! Just browsing through it you can tell it's well thought out, easy to understand, tells you the type of yarn instead of just the brand and type used (always great when you want to substitute yarn or the yarn called for in the pattern has been discontinued like TLC's Cara Mia!!!) Once I'm done all my UFO's and worked on some more x-mas gifts I'm start making some of the patterns in here. Speaking of books, I am eagerly awaiting Lily Chin's newest book Couture Crochet Workshop : Mastering Fit, Fashion, and Finesse I'm hoping that it will help with learning to do some more intermediate construction and stuff.

Well back to work...

Powerpuff girls!!!

Finally I'm crocheting again

Posted on 2006.08.23 at 15:32
Current Mood: excitedexcited that I'm crocheting again
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It's been a while since I've crocheted something or at least something that still isn't sitting around as a UFO (Unfinished Object.) I am starting and plan on finished this cute little pattern tonight. It's the sweetest little baby bib -- it's a ducky bib!! For any of you who are interested the pattern can be found here -- scroll down till you find the pattern and it's designed by Jocelyn Sass. I'm making this for cute little baby Gerome and a few other babies we know out there. :-D

I also purchased Robyn Chachula's Spider Shrug pattern on niceknits.com ($5.00 (USD), and $3 is donated to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Research Foundation -- fantastic pattern plus money going to a great cause) and I'm going to make one for mini-me and one for myself. If Robyn's name sounds familar, she posts a few patterns on CrochetMe, once I get my hands on some of Berroco's Softwist I'm making her Crystal Lace Bolero pattern in the summer edition of Crochet me.

Another project on my to-do-list is a baby blanket for baby Marcus (I started this one by free hand but I'm going to frog it because I don't like it), sorry guys I'm on it. Oh almost forgot mini-me camoflague toque I'm thinking of using this sweet crocheted cable pattern found here.

I'll post pics of the ducky bib once I finish it, well back to crocheting :-D

hot bettie page

My variation of the one skein scarf from The Happy Hooker

Posted on 2006.06.26 at 12:27
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I didn't want to make this scarf with only one colour, so I combined Patons' Decor in dark olive and aran to create this warm scarf from one of my favourite girls fredericks, who will be able to wear this in the autumn and hopefully the cold winter that New York throws her way. Since I know she has little time on her hands to be washing everything by hand being in nursing school and such I went with Patons' Decor which is 75% acrylic and 25% wool, so she can toss it in the washer in cold and then hang dry it. Once I open this post to you Ms. fredericks you better pay attention to the washing instruction!! Lol, I like to think that the dark olive is more of a lovely mossy colour because as a crocheted this scarf it yelled out that it was more moss than olive. The pattern for this pretty scarf can be found in Debbie Stroller's Happy Hooker book and I added a few different touches like the shells are the cc colour of aran instead of using the mc all the way through and using the mc along the edges in a single crochet to give the shells that extra touch it needed. Mini-me and I wanted to keep this one, but I promised it to fredericks and to avoid temptation I'm shipping it out today in the mail. I'm also going to work up another one of these but using the mc and cc in reverse because I have more aran left over then the moss (aka Patons' dark olive) This scarf takes no time to whip up and it very cute.
Pictures under the cutCollapse )

hot bettie page

Alright here's some yarn porn for ya

Posted on 2006.06.12 at 22:39
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I picked up some yummy yarn on the weekend with Diane at Birkeland Bros. Wool Ltd. Click on the picture to link to my photo gallery to see more. I'm tired and lazy so I'm not going to put them in the post. Sorry all, but you are going to have to click picture in order to see more loveliness.

hello kitty

Hello Kitty Time!!!!

Posted on 2006.06.12 at 22:15
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Here are some pics of my freeformed Hello Kitty water bottle, I graphed Kitty's face and have been follow the graph sorta. This is one of my messiest projects in a long. long time. That's ok because it is the very first time I've done a freeform that had a graph.  Sorry guys for spamming your f-list with big pictures but I couldn't use a lj-cut for some odd reason.  Yuck I don't like this rich text mode on LJ nor the plain text mode.  I'm going back to using Semagic! :-]
Hello Kitty Water bottle bag - freeform Hello Kitty Water bottle bag - freeform
Hello Kitty Water Bottle Bag - freeform Hello Kitty Water Bottle Bag - freeform I started this on June 11th
Hello Kitty Water Bottle Bag - Freeform Hello Kitty Water Bottle Bag - Freeform Gee how many times did I take the almost the same pic???
Hello Kitty Water Bottle Bag - Freeform Hello Kitty Water Bottle Bag - Freeform This is definately working up fast but it's very messy oh well it's freeform and my first one. I can always work out the kinks the next time.
Hello Kitty Water Bottle Bag - freeform Hello Kitty Water Bottle Bag - freeform I'm using RH Cotton Twist in Red and Black, Bernat's Homecrafter's Cotton in White and varioius other left-overs in my yarn stash

hello kitty

Links and new almost WIP

Posted on 2006.06.11 at 14:09
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Hey check it out it's a crochet fanatic free pattern links. It is jam packed with patterns and it maikes it easy to browse what you are looking for. Enjoy

Wow there is now a pod cast for crocheters, rock on. you don't even need to have itunes or an ipod just listen directly from Jeanie's site.

Ever wondered what to get the crafty knitter or crocheter for a present that was craft related but they could show off but didn't have to make. Check out these awesome t's.

I like freeforming so much that I think I'm going to crochet freeformed water bottle carrying thingie. I want to put on Hello Kitty's face. Wish me luck! :-]

GRRR Buttercup

My verision of a crocheted skull and cross-bones tote that I call affectionately called Skully

Posted on 2006.06.10 at 22:21
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I posted this to a few crochet sites I belong to and decided to post it here because I finally got the pictures to post. So here's my cross-bones and skull tote bag
So I have been envying the cute felted skull and cross-bones tote bag on Hello Yarn that is linked on punk_knitters. I decided to try to make a crocheted verision. For the bag I used Deneen's "Marvelous" Mini Tote Bag as a pattern reference for the bag and the chart from the mini skull tote on Hello Yarn. And this is my result
Before felting

After felting

As you can see my skull is a little crooked I guess that's what happens when you follow a knit chart? I like how this turned out and it was my first try, so I'm gonna try this again and work out the kinks

Powerpuff girls!!!
Posted on 2006.06.10 at 19:47
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I'm having problems posting the pictures in my scrapbook as a journal entry without each photo being an entry. I'm gonna be lazy and saw here's a link and have fun. I posted pictures in there of Skully, as a WIP, before felting and after felting if any of you are curious, check it out here This should work if not check out the pics in my scrapbook by my info page, if you don't see the galleries then just click on the recently updated and you should be able to see them. Yeah I know it's a hassle, but there are definitely worth it!!

hello kitty

Crafty lil grrl

Posted on 2006.06.09 at 23:24
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Well, welcome to my crafty journal. I decided since a lot of my posts were about my crafting that I would make a journal that was all about my FO's, WIP's, woes, tips and all the stuff I want to remember as well as share with other fellow crocheters.

I may pick up a new craft or two, I'm going to try to learn to knit and I'm thinking of sewing again. I have all these fabrics that mini-me doesn't want to throw away, but they are just sitting in a pile waiting to be made over. I like the idea of re-using things into something that we would use again. I guess that is one of the huge thrills about being crafty -- recycle, reusing and renewing stuff that would normally get recycled or just throw out into cool stuff that we love to use again, as well as being creative, artistic and using one's imagination. I realized that crocheting can fill that hole that was creating in my mind when I realized that I can't draw and I have all these wonderful things stuck in my head that I could only imagine.

My latest FO is Skully. It is a felted black bag with a cross-skull on it. I got the idea looking at Helloyarn.com's knitted felted mini skull tote, thinking I'd love to make one of those but I don't knit. Trust me, really I have tried; however I haven't mastered the zen of knitting yet. So I found a felted bag pattern got the basic idea and when from there. Once I find my card reader I'll post pics of Skully.